My Story

Hi, my name is Sarah and Glowing Skin Recipe is my brainchild. It is my way of sharing my passion and knowledge in beauty to help women restore healthy, beautiful skin through safer and more natural ways.

I was pretty much like most women. I was using beauty products from big brands out in the market. I would often get my hands on many products and follow whatever that was marketed as “anti-aging”, “whitening”, “tightening” etc. I have even tried products that contain the oddest ingredients, from yeast extract to algae to snail mucin. Never mind the heavy price tag that came with it.

One day, my skin started to react. It started with red blotches and then dryness. It was as though none of the skincare products did any help to me. It lasted for a while and left me helpless. It was also around the same time when I was on holiday, I visited an olive farm. That was an eye opener for me. The farm harvests their homegrown olives and made products like cooking oil and skincare from it. Even the so-called by products were made into scrubs. None of it was wasted and it was friendly to the environment. I was inspired by them, and best part was that, their products made improved my skin condition tremendously.

Since then I stopped using skincare products that were laden with  harsh chemicals. It sure hurts to throw away those expensive creams, but knowing that they are full of chemicals and preservatives, I thought that my skin deserves better. I started reading and experimenting with ingredients to create my own skincare. To make a long story short, today I create my own skincare products that have worked wonders for me. They are simple, safe, cost effective and best of all, my skin looks younger and better than before. I believe it can for you too!

If you are like me who has tried many products but nothing works to improve your skin, or you have sensitive skin and are cautious about using chemically formulated products, or you simply just want to get healthy, younger skin, then head over to my posts to find out more. Subscribe to get DIY recipes and tips emailed to you.

Here’s to glowing skin,