Natural Anti-Aging DIY Skincare Recipes For Every Age

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​We all want to look YOUNGER than our real age.

Won't you agree?

So you've tried the best anti-aging serums and the best anti-wrinkle creams, but you haven't seen the anti-aging results that you want on your skin.

Well, it turns out that you can make these 5 simple adjustments to your lifestyle habits to get healthier and younger skin. Also, I will share how you can easily create your own natural anti-aging DIY skin care products that are suited to your age.

Before that, it is important to know how your skin ages and what triggers your skin to age.


Our skin goes through changes with age. It is no wonder that we battle with different skin issues as we grow older.

When your body ages, it first shows on your skin.

Skin and brain cells are developed from the same tissue called ectoderm, which is the outermost layer of an embryo.

The same tissue also forms the nervous system, hair, nails and skin glands.

If your skin is aging prematurely, your brain is probably going through changes at the same time.


There are numerous factors that can speed up or slow down the process of aging.

Internal factors (such as genes, diet, stress) and external factors (such as skin care products, exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays) can either speed up or slow down the process of aging.

Knowing how these factors come into play is the first step to slow down aging.


Even if you have put in effort to care for your skin, you may not achieve the results you expect if you are don’t watch out for these 5 commonly made mistakes.



anti-aging diy skincare exercise
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Photography by Pexels

Studies have shown how stress is related to certain health problems. Stress takes a toll on your body, including your skin.

Even if you have diligently cared for your skin, it may be hard to achieve glowing, radiant skin if you are constantly under stress.

One function of the skin is to act as a protective layer against external environments like temperature changes and micro-organisms.

Stress reduces your skin's barrier function. This makes it easier for irritants to enter and moisture to leave the skin layers. Your skin becomes more reactive and sensitive.

Stress also causes wrinkles and sagging skin. Under stress, your body releases cortisol hormones. High levels of cortisol create free radicals, impair skin renewal and impede collagen and elastin production. 

Solution: Exercise.

Try yoga, Pilates, stretching or brisk walking.

Here are the benefits of exercise:

  • Exercise releases endorphins, a feel-good neurotransmitter, that increases sense of well-being.
  • In addition, exercise improves blood circulation and increases blood flow, causing healthy flush to skin. 
  • When more blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin, you will have glowing, radiant skin.
  • Exercise also stimulates neurons and perspiration which cleans the body from the inside.
  • It strengthens muscles that hold the skin, so skin is more firm.

Avoid strenuous exercise as it triggers stress hormones which is bad for skin.


Poor Diet

anti-aging diy skincare diet
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Photography by PD Pics

By poor diet, I mean eating food that is not giving you the nutrients you need. Most certainly... It's processed food. Who doesn’t like to munch on a bag of chips or fries?


Truth is, processed food has lost most of its nutrients during processing.

They are filled by synthetic additives, preservatives, colourings and other chemicals. They are also high in sugar and salt which are both bad for skin.

White foods like pasta, bread, rice and sweets contain simple carbohydrates which are digested and broken down into sugar.

Glycation happens when sugar interacts with proteins and fats to form free radicals and advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs).

AGEs damage protein fibers of collagen and elastin, which speeds up aging process.

Another commonly consumed food is fatty, oily food. They are made of saturated fats, trans fats and hydrogenated oil. 

When heated, saturated / trans fats become toxic and create free radicals that accelerate aging.

Solution: Eat more whole food or plant-based diet.


Not Enough Quality Sleep

anti-aging diy skincare sleep
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Photography by Scott

There’s a reason why it’s referred to as “beauty sleep”.

If you didn’t sleep well, or get enough sleep, you will probably notice dark undereye circles and dull skin the next day.

During sleep at night, your body releases human growth hormone (HGH) that repairs tissues and restore skin cells.

Shortened sleep would mean less effective repair and also more stress hormones (cortisol) being released.

Solution: Sleep between 7 to 9 hours. 


Exposing Skin To The Sun Without Protection

anti-aging diy skincare sunscreen
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Photography by StockSnap

You are probably already aware that ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun can be damaging to your skin. It damages fibers in the skin called elastin.

When skin loses the ability to bounce back to its place after stretching, it will eventually sag.

Skin also bruises and tears more easily, and it takes longer to heal.

Solution: Minimize direct sun exposure .

  • Avoid outdoors activities between 10 am to 3pm where the sun is the hottest.
  • Apply sunscreen with at least SPF30. I recommend getting those with PA+++.  SPF guards against UVB rays while PA guards against UVA rays.
  • Applying sunscreen once is not enough for a day. Reapply every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Put on sunscreen 15 minutes before leaving the house to allow absorption.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Squinting your eyes causes frown lines and crow’s feet wrinkles.
  • Don’t forget your lips. Apply lip balm that contains at least SPF15.
  • You can wear clothes with SPF or wash clothes with Sunguard which gives clothes UV protection.
  • Avoid tanning bed. They emit three times more UVA radiation than the sun.
  • Even if you stay indoors, sunlight can enter through your windows. Put UV protection window films, especially if you live on high floor and your room gets lots of direct sunlight.


Always Sleeping With Your Face On The Pillow

This may seem insignificant.

However, sleeping in the same position on your side every night means that your cheek and jawline are constantly pushed against the pillow. 

Imaging folding your skin for hours.

These folds will become permanent on your skin.

I didn’t know this would make a deal until I started to notice that the lines on sides of my mouth becoming more obvious. Since then, I try to sleep on my back as much as possible.

If you sleep in facedown position, it can cause wrinkles on forehead.

Solution : Sleep on your back to remove any pressure on your face or neck.


At different age, our skin goes through changes. It is important to know what your skin needs at each stage.


I have carefully crafted 5 simple anti-aging DIY skin care recipes catered to your specific age group.

If you do not fall within that age range, it doesn't mean you cannot use them. Rather...

  • Always identify your skin problems.
  • Understand what nourishment it needs.
  • Use the right anti aging home remedies.

Let's begin!

Anti-aging DIY skin care
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Make a guess when should we start caring for our skin...?

Don't be surprised. Caring for your skin start as young as early twenties!  

As early as age 20s, our body starts to drop in natural antioxidant production.

Some may still struggle with adult acne. This can be made worse before and during menstrual cycle where skin produce more oil.

Focus on this: Antioxidants.

Try consuming more fruits and vegetables.

They contain Vitamins A, C and E which are strong antioxidants that keep fine lines from becoming wrinkles.

  • Vitamin A which is converted to retinol by the body supports bone development and vision and is important for development and maintenance of skin tissue. It prevents flaky skin.
  • Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory. They help to regenerate skin cells.
  • Vitamin E promotes circulation and radiance to dull skin.
  • Vitamin C and E taken together provides twice the protection from UV rays and reduce damage from sunburn.

Taking good care of your skin starts young. Try this  DIY anti aging serum that provides nourishment to your skin.

Anti-Aging DIY Skin Care Recipe For 20s:

Anti-aging facial oil

How to make own anti-aging DIY skin care with avocado oil
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Photography by Kerdkanno


9g | 30% jojoba oil

6g | 20% sea buckthorn oil

5.4g |  rosehip seed oil

4.5g | 15%  avocado oil

4.5g | 15% argan oil

0.3g | 1% rosemary essential oil* (for oily skin)

Or chamomile essential oil (for dry / sensitive skin)

0.3g | 1% Vitamin E oil

*Not suitable for people with epilepsy, hormone-dependent cancer, pregnant / nursing moms

  1. Pour all oils into a dark glass bottle
  2. Drop in essential oil and Vitamin E oil
  3. Store in a cool, dark place
  4. Always shake well before using
  5. Use daily at night


Come to age 30s, the body’s metabolism starts slowing down and this affects our skin’s ability to create collagen and repair cells.

Dead skin cells build up more and you may notice your skin losing elasticity and glow. You may start to notice fine lines appearing around your eyes and mouth.

During pregnancy, some women experience “pregnancy glow” due to production of oestrogen and progesterone hormones.

However, for some women, the hormonal changes cause their oil glands to secrete more oil, resulting in breakouts or worsening acne.

Focus on this: Increasing (or at least maintaining) your skin's ability to repair.

Try this DIY anti aging serum that will bring back your glow.

Anti-Aging DIY Skin Care Recipe For 30s:

rESTORATIVE facial oil

How to make own anti-aging DIY skincare with rose essential oil
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Photography by Enthusias Studio


9g | 30% jojoba oil

9g | 30% apricot kernel oil

6g | 20% rosehip seed oil

5.4g | 18% wheatgerm oil

0.2g | 0.5% clary sage essential oil* (good for acne prone skin)

0.2g | 0.5% sandalwood essential oil

0.3g | 1% Vitamin E oil

*Not suitable for those with hormone-dependent cancer


  1. Mix all oils into a dark glass bottle
  2. Drop in essential oil and Vitamin E oil
  3. Store in a cool, dark place.
  4. Always shake well before using.
  5. Use daily at night


In the 40s, lymphatic system which helps our bodies to remove toxins starts slowing down.

Elastic fibers do not support lymph glands as they used to, so you may starting noticing puffiness around eyes and cheeks. 

Pigmentation of age spots may start appearing. 

If you're in your 40s, try this DIY anti aging face mask that helps to reduce age spots.

Anti-Aging DIY Skin Care Recipe For 40s:



28g kaolin clay

28g apple cider vinegar

14g aloe vera gel

2 drops carrot seed essential oil

1 drop neroli essential oil*

  1. Mix aloe vera gel into bowl of kaolin clay
  2. Pour in vinegar to form a paste
  3. Add essential oils
  4. Apply onto skin and wait about 10 minutes to dry
  5. Once mask dries up, rinse off
  6. Use once a week

*Not to be used during pregnancy

*Some may find this essential oil expensive. You can add another drop of carrot seed essential oil to replace it.


Menopause is a major change that happens to women in this stage. The body produces less oestrogen, a hormone that maintains elasticity of skin. Sagging and wrinkles around chest and neck becomes obvious.

Loosening of skin also causes open pores. Sebum production drops and loses protection around our skin. This is when you notice your skin becomes drier and flaky.

Try this DIY anti aging serum that helps to prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Anti-Aging DIY Skin Care Recipe For 50s:


How to make own anti-aging DIY skin care with grapeseed oil
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22.5g | 45%  grapeseed oil

16g | 32% rosehip seed oil

10.5g | 21% carrot seed essential oil

0.5g | 1% frankincense essential oil

0.5g | 1% Vitamin E oil


  1. Pour all oils into a dark glass bottle
  2. Drop in essential oil and Vitamin E oil
  3. Store in a cool, dark place.
  4. Always shake well before using.
  5. Use daily at night


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